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A Golf Training Aid Work and then Pay

"If you are interested in improving your game, I would highly recommend helping your head as much as you are helping your swing." The above was a quote from Rob Mangini, former assistant men's golf coach at Arizona State University in the book "The Mental Keys to Improving Your Golf". In other words, understand and know what works then concentrate on doing the work. Unfortunately, when it comes to golf usually us regular, recreational golfers don't think beyond "gripping it and ripping it". We don't really want to put in the time.

We just want to hit that sucker. Forget the golf training aid. And yet in all my years of golfing, I haven't met a golfer yet that doesn't want to improve his or her golf game. Getting better is not going to just happen, especially if you want to be consistent. It requires giving some serious attention to the four fundamentals of golf - mechanical, strategic, physical and mental. Now isn't that interesting.

How many of the (4) do you as a golfer have a handle on? I would bet that most average golfers don't even think of (3) of the (4) and, to be honest, their mechanics probably aren't necessarily "all that". Professional golfers know its work and then pay and that is the very foundation of what Strategy Golf is all about - focusing on doing "the work" the ultimate golf training aid. Any sport requires practice.

But golf requires so much more. It is you and you alone against the golf course, the elements, and your even your own demons. It is you that has to make the shot or sink the putt. You can't focus on winning; you can't focus on the other players or you open the door to the fear of losing or missing that putt and letting bad shots or mistakes get you angry and that usually leads to something other than the winner's circle.

Putting your attention on your Strategy and not on your competition or the consequences of missing a putt is of ultimate importance in competition. All things being equal, if you play to your game-plan (golf training aid) and focus on what you are doing, and perform at your optimum then the outcome will take care of itself. Think about what you can do to keep your focus on the YOUR task so that you play your game. Write out a strategy (golf training aid).

stick to a routine.and stay with the game-plan by reviewing and refocusing on each tee. It is a fact that written goals have a way of coming true. By thinking through your approach and actually taking the time to put it all down on paper seems to cement the plan for good. So write out that strategy - your game-plan of how you intend to play each hole. Golfers ignore this step in their preparation for a couple of reasons: One, it takes some time and many of us would just as rather "grip it and rip it!".

But secondly, too many of us are so used to "resolutions" not coming true that we are not convinced writing anything down is going to work. There is another element to all of this: you have to truly want what you desire to come true. Most New Years resolutions are desires of the moment - weight you want to get off because you feel frumpy after the holiday meals; starting the exercise program that will give you that hard body but you really don't want to put in the time and effort and miss that piece of pie.

Unless the desire is in your gut it isn't going to happen. They key to success here is first wanting it bad enough, then putting in the time to be prepared, and finally writing out a game-plan to keep focused and on task (the perfect golf training aid). The question you have to ask yourself: "Do I want it bad enough to do the work to see the result?".

Article by Jeff Gustafson - Pocket Pro http://www.the-sixth-man.com http://www.pocketproonline.com


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