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Is DirecTV the Right Choice for You A TV Junkies High Definition View

As TV goes, I watch my fair share. I have a room in the basement dedicated to the audio visual experience. Movies, network television, home videos, and reruns of the X-Files on DVD; I love them all. (Speaking of which, when did that Fox guy get younger than me, exactly?) I'd be the perfect television and video expert if not for the fact that I really enjoy bad science fiction and horror movies, so therefore can't really be trusted. I have some thoughts on Direct TV, or as the trade name says, "DirecTV". DirecTV is a direct broadcast satellite (DBS) service based in El Segundo, California, USA.

The direct TV network transmits digital satellite television and audio to households in the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America (with the exception of Mexico). DirecTV is owned by DIRECTV Group, which in turn is controlled by Liberty Media, which is not controlled by space aliens (unless you ask the right people). From an oh-so-boring technical point of view, DirecTV typically uses a fixed 18-inch diameter dish antenna to receive its signals. This is an upgrade of sorts from the traditional 18-24 inch elliptical originally used that was not able to accommodate the higher bandwidth requirements of additional programming.

New technical challenges are being addressed by the installation of a dish that has five LNBs for HDTV programming and local channels in selected markets. These systems receive signals from up to five separate satellites in both the Ku-band and Ka-band. Phew, that was hard. But why choose DirecTV over the competition? Like its competitors, DirecTV offers high definition television (HDTV) and interactive services. Additional benefits to the brilliant picture include substantial sports coverage, state of the art video hardware with built in video recording functions, superior service, and plans for hundreds of high definition channels; and let's face it, "content is king". Exclusive to DirecTV is their clever mixed channels.

Mixed channels allow up to 8 live channels on one screen; covering sports, news, and entertainment programming at a glance. Add the XM satellite radio and the groundbreaking musical events and you have a winning package. It's not true that weather frequently interrupts direct TV reception.

DirecTV claims it delivers a digital signal 99.96% of the time, rain or shine. My experience with digital cable is no better or worse than with direct TV, in my opinion; although, I'm obviously not keeping track to two decimal places (just one).

Furthermore, DirecTV offers local channels to nearly 94% of US households. There are communities in my city that depend on satellite TV for local broadcasts because cable is not available, this is a plus. In fact, it's said that cable is available in only 98% of US homes and DirecTV is available in 100%. DirecTV offers lots of high definition (HD) programming and services; boasting about 900 hours of HD programming each week. All channels, whether HD or not, are 100% digital quality.

Sound quality us superb. Finally, DirecTV has exclusive video on-demand partnerships, and only their customers can view FX series television before it airs elsewhere. I think direct TV is a terrific option. Digital quality is superb, and the high definition television channels are spectacular. Because I love watching TV, how it arrives, how it looks, and how it sounds are extremely important. DirecTV offers many quality options and features that you would be wise to explore further.

Just mind the space aliens.

The author, Andrew Wills, is a web prospector searching for internet gold and makes http://www.support-guide.com his web home. This article is hosted at Support-Guide's Direct TV page, where you will find Direct TV information, links, and facts that give you the tools to make an informed decision. For more Direct TV related articles please visit http://www.support-guide.com/directtv.html today.


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Is DirecTV the Right Choice for You A TV Junkies High Definition View - As TV goes, I watch my fair share.

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