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Are Vocal Warmups Really Necessary

You might thing that vocal warm-ups are a waste of time. However, if you've ever heard someone sing and thought to yourself "They sound like an angel", you might be interested to know that, in order to sound like that, even the most gifted singers have to go through very down to earth procedures to keep their voice in top form. It all begins with vocal training exercises and warm ups. You need to look at singing as a sport, if you want to keep your voice in top form. For example, would you expect a professional swimmer to swim in a meet right after eating a large meal? Of course not! Yet, many people might ask you to sing at the spur of the moment during dinner parties or at other inopportune times.

If you really want those people to hear you at your best, you should take the time to do some vocal warm-ups before you sing. In an ideal situation, under the best possible circumstances, you should do vocal warm-ups on a regular basis, in the form of vocal training exercises. You should do them as a way to get in touch with your inner self, calm yourself and exercise your vocal chords and larynx muscles. Vocal warm-ups should not be done when you are hurried or rushed, if you want the best results from them. It should be a fun, relaxing experience for you.

Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world. Often, you may find yourself in a hurry to perform. There just may not seem to be enough time in the day for a relaxing warm up.

You might be stressed trying to memorize a song or prepare for a performance. Even in such situations, though, vocal warm-ups are essential. Each singer will have his or her own technique for doing vocal warm-ups. Some start by exercising their entire bodies.

They then begin focusing on their articulation muscles, which are the muscles that control the tongue, soft palette, lips and jaw. No matter how you choose to begin, it is a good idea to begin your vocal training exercises by starting in your mid-range voice and moving to your lower and upper registers afterwards. Recent studies indicate that extreme changes from high to low or low to high can cause harmful and uncomfortable muscle tension. So, you should always do vocal warm-ups before attempting such pitch leaps.

Cooling down is also important. Just as if you were a runner after a marathon, you should do cool down exercises to relax your vocal chords after a performance. Which cool down exercises you do depends on what type of singing you've been doing. For instance, it may be helpful to sing in a falsetto voice a bit, as a cool down, if you have been using a "belting" voice.

Also, it can be helpful to massage your jaw, as well as your neck and shoulders, as a way of relaxing after a performance. No matter which vocal warm-ups you choose to do, the key is consistency. By practicing vocal training exercises on a regular basis, you can improve your voice quality and keep your voice as healthy as possible.

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