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Mario is probably one of the most iconic symbols of the video game industry. He has worn his little blue overalls through dozens of worlds and hundreds of activities. He's gone from fighting big monkeys to playing soccer, but he's still the hero that we know and love. All of these accomplishments are pretty good for a short plumber.

One has to appreciate the long history of Mario and all the changes that have happened to our lovely little Italian. The first appearance of Mario was in the old classic arcade game Donkey Kong. He was in a very different setting, but the premise for the next few years was set.

He needed to somehow save the Princess from impossible odds through some jumping and smashing. Things changed a lot over the last decade though. He has now put aside some of his old grudges and joined his fellow inhabitants in friendly games of soccer and baseball. There's also the thousand or so mini games he is available for when it's time for a Mario Party.

Nintendo hasn't been responsible for all of his changes though. Mario has made the long jump into the Internet and become a part of its culture. Flash designers have made parodies, tributes, and changes to the old classics and new versions. Through their efforts, one is able to find plenty of Mario flash games across the great expanse of the Internet.

Let's look at all the things that have been done. The first is the easiest to understand. Several flash games were developed to mimic and in some cases accurately recreate the old levels of Super Mario Bros. You can play these games to enjoy the wonderful memories of a simpler time, when stomping on turtle-like soldiers was enough to keep you glued to the glow of the monitor for hours. Nostalgia is always nice. These online options can be particularly nice for the average gamer, because you will almost always have access to the Internet.

This means you can get a quick Mario fix during any little breaks. All you have to do is find a favorite online arcade and pull up the game. There are some other changes that have been made to little old Mario. He joins the world of Internet hybrids by having some new hardware and some new enemies.

One particular example would be the great upgrade of the fire flower. The modern plumber faces tougher challenges, so Mario now has a fully fueled flamethrower available to roast and obliterate the old enemies threatening the glory of the mushroom kingdom. This is just one version. There are flash games that add on a water jet pack, more attacks, and even versions that let you play as Bowser. Playing these flash games is a great way to add a new spin on your old favorite. Mario has always been a standard figure in the games that we play.

He has traveled across the consoles and adapted to new trends and styles. This includes a transition to the Internet world, allowing you to play your favorite Mario games with new twists to make the old classic new again.

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