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Hand Tied Crappie Jigs

Jigs are becoming one of the most popular types of artificial bait for Crappie fishing. Thousands of different types of combinations are available for purchase anywhere fishing tackle is sold. Typical jigs have a head in which a hook is embedded into, a body, and then a tail, or skirt which is meant to move and cause attraction to the Jig.

Each section is interchangeable, which allows for almost endless possibilities. If you are not satisfied with the colors or combinations available at your local fishing tackle store, then you may want to look into hand tied crappie jigs. Hand tied jigs give you the ability to control all aspects of the Jig. You can specify what type, color, size, and material. This way, if you notice a certain pattern in what the Crappie is biting, you can create a jig that is specific to that pattern.

Say, for example, you have noticed that the Crappie in your area hit on both red, and white colored jigs. You can request your local jig maker or online jig maker to make a jig specific to these colors. Once using the jig, you notice that it works wonders, and you may then request more of the same combination. Making your own crappie jigs : The majority of avid fisherman have tried to or will try to tie their own Crappie jigs at one point or another. This not only allows you to control exactly the look, size, and type of Jig you create, but also allows you to get a little creative as well.

First, you will need to find all of the supplies you will need to hand tie your own Crappie jigs. Typically, your local fishing tackle store, or outdoors store will have the items you will need. If you are having difficulty finding supplies locally, you may want to consider looking online.

You will need some type of mold to hold your jigs. Molds are easily made of materials like Plaster of Paris. Another option is dental cement.

Talk with your local craft store for all the available options. Hair and feathers can be bought in small or large packages, depending on your situation. You can find these packages at most fishing tackle stores, or online. Nylon jig hair comes in a wide array of colors and lengths.

You can also find this supply at your local fishing store or online. You can create you own color combinations by braiding or weaving 2 colors together.

Dan Eggertsen is a fishing researcher and enthusiast who is commited to providing the best crappie fishing information possible. Get more information on hand tied crappie jigs here: http://www.askcrappiefishing.com


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