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Hannah Montana Concert Tickets At What Cost

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year you know who Hannah Montana is. Miley Cyrus, star of the Disney channel series hit, "Hannah Montana". Miley, is the daughter of country music singer Billy Ray Cyrus, and she plays a high school student, Miley Stewart, who lives a secret double life as a famous pop star, Hannah Montana.

The show is very popular, as a matter of fact, it reaches five million viewers a week. You also know that people are going to great lengths to get her concert tickets. How great you might ask.

Let me tell you. Let's start with this little tidbit I read about. On January 3rd, country station Y-108 held a contest of a different sort. First it was held in a mall.

It was designed for dads of little girls. These dads were required to wear a blond Hannah wig, a black dress and 2-inch heels while running through the mall doing some wild things. All this to win tickets to a Hannah Montana concert! And let's not forget the infamous essay contest that was held. According to sources a mother/daughter duo entered the writing contest in hopes of winning the concert tickets. The essay stated that the little girl's father died in Iraq in a roadside bombing.

It was later learned that the little girl's father did not die in Iraq, in fact he's not a soldier. The mother stated that she and her six-year-old daughter wanted to see Hannah Montana in concert and the essay was what they did to try to win the tickets. Officials announced that that mother/daughter duo would not be receiving the grand prize. What would prompt such behavior in grown men and women you might ask. Let me give you some background.

Tickets for Hannah's concerts have been known to sell out in as little as four minutes. That is not a misprint or a typo, four minutes. Scalpers across the nation have had a field day with this. They are getting four to five times the face value of the tickets.

According to one source, a single ticket for the show in Charlotte, N.C., sold for $2,565.

The original cost of the tickets.between $26 and $66. Times have changed and technology has advanced and so we are seeing changes in the way scalpers operate.

They no longer hold up tickets outside the arena. Those days are gone. Now you'll find them behind a computer screen selling tickets online.

Most states do not have restrictions on reselling tickets. It's been suggested ticket prices (through scalpers) may lessen as the concert date gets closer. However, scalpers will continue to be an issue as Hannah Montana concert tickets are so difficult to get and many people are willing to pay those outrageous prices to have the opportunity to attend her concert. You may be wondering how to protect yourself from getting cheated when purchasing your concert tickets. Try to buy a ticket as quickly as possible. Though it's not likely you will get one in the first four minutes that they go on sale, be at your phone ready to place your order.

If you miss out on that, check listings on eBay and Craigslist. Perhaps someone has a ticket that they cannot use for some reason. And finally, wait until close to the date of the concert and buy your ticket as cheaply as possible.

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