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History of Private Jets

Like everything else around us, the jet planes have had a humble beginning too. The very first jet planes every flown experimentally, its future uncertain and its uses unknown. The first ever jet plane ever made was actually in appropriately named because it wasn't really a jet plane, but was, a certain move to wards an unbelievable history which can be as exhilarating the speed these jets fly at. The first jet engine was put to use and the principles of the same were actually seen in action when the Coanda 1910, named after its inventor Henri Coanda and also flown by him it is worth a note that the engine of this aircraft was piston type, unlike that of the modern jet engine which uses a turbine to run its compressor.

Nevertheless, the true turbine driven engine was equipped on the jet plane designed by Heinkel He 178 (Germany). The Gloster E.28/39 was flown by the British to announce their arrival on the flying circuit, soon to be followed by the Americans using their newly developed Bell XP-59, which had incorporated the Whittle Engine, developed by the General Electric and was flown on September 12, 1942. However, from purely an operational point of view, The Messerschmitt Me 262, was the fastest flying jet aircraft around the time of the World War-II, while the only that could get faster was The Messerschmitt Me 163.

In the Year 1944, mass production of the jet aircraft had started, which was about the same time The British had developed their advanced Gloster Meteor, which was heavily used to defend itself during the war and was a proud member of the squadron being prepared for the war. The Modern jets however, fly in Mach, each mach amounts to about 75 to 80% of the speed of the sound. That is incredibly fast and powerful. So powerful and fast that the pilots who mount these beasts have to take special training and get used to experiencing extreme G-Forces while in flight The fastest jet plane ever made is the now non-operational, SR-1 Black Bird.

Somewhere in between the primary jet plane model and the super fast jetliners present today, the need for the private business and leisure-jets was found. The commercialism of the jets has taken on to another league entirely. The numerous uses of these smaller jets has made them so useful that they are today, seen as necessities rather than a luxury.

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