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How Do I Catch Bass

If you've done any bass fishing, then you'll already know that it's not as simple as just putting a line in the water and waiting for them to bite. One of the best things about bass fishing is that it requires skill and patience to be successful. So it's important to put as many factors in your favor as possible, so that you have the best chance of catching a bass. Let's take a look at a few tips for successful bass fishing. The weather matters! In the cooler weather, such as early spring and fall, bass are much more responsive to top water lures.

They're also more likely to be found in shallow water, such as along the shoreline where there are overhanging trees. When it gets hotter, though, bass retreat to deeper, cooler holes, and you need a change of strategy. Basically you need to dredge the bottom, and use something like a plastic worm to get the bass to respond. Time of day is also important, with dawn and dusk the best times to catch the biggest bass.

Look for ambush spots where bass might be lurking in wait for baitfish. They like to pounce on their prey, and these bait fish are most active early morning or evening. This method works best when the water is warmer, above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, because a lot of baitfish aren't active in cooler temperatures. The quality of the water you're fishing in makes a difference to your bass fishing tactics too. In muddy water, for example, bass use their sonar to locate food. So choose lures that vibrate well and perhaps make some noise.

In clear water, though, bass are very cautious and wary of anything unusual. So you need light lines, and lures that closely resemble local food sources. Spinners can work, but you may find a black spinner blade will reduce the flash and be more successful.

In normal water quality, with some algae and plankton to filter out sunlight, most types of lures can be used. It's often a good idea to set up three outfits, using a different lure for each one, to see which one is working the best. For example, you could use a deep diver on one, a surface lure on the next, and a plastic worm on the third. A large survey of bass fishing enthusiasts found that the plastic worm was considered the most effective lure by a big margin, so when in doubt, try a plastic worm and see what happens. It's also good to talk to local fishermen if you're not familiar with the area, and ask them what they recommend.

Most bass fishing enthusiasts are happy to find another enthusiast to swap stories with.

Steve Dolan is an avid fisherman who loves to catch bass Click on Bass Fishing to find top tips and tricks. For general boat fishing try Boat Fishing, Boat Fishing Trips.


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