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How to Avoid Mosquito Bite

Camping and activities in the outdoors can be hindered greatly by a pesky mosquito following you around. If you've ever been camping or even just hung out for awhile in your backyard, you've probably went back inside with one or two bug bites of your own. While they aren't life threatening, they're still annoying- and itchy. A mosquito bite or two or three can really start to put a damper on a picnic, outdoor wedding or party.

If you have a problem with mosquitoes visiting your backyard or get together, there are a few things you can do to get rid of them for good. The first and easiest step you might want to take is to use one of those mosquito repellent sprays on yourself. They are very affordable and can be found in drug stores and grocery store worldwide. Formulas are much better now than they used to be so they don't have as strong of a smell anymore. In fact, some mosquito sprays smell like aloe and can even moisturize your skin. These sprays are safe to use on both children and adults and work well to keep mosquitoes off your delicate skin.

They work great if you're on a camping trip or if you're going to be outside for a great deal of time. If you're having a party or throwing another outdoor event, you probably aren't going to want to supply your guests with mosquito repellent. So, you will want to treat the areas outside with a specially formulated spray to kill them and prevent any from coming back. Make sure the spray you use is safe for children and animals before you starting putting it all over your yard. If it is, spray the areas that have attracted the mosquitoes in the past and the spots where guests will be congregating the most.

Lastly, standing water attracts mosquitoes, so get rid of any that you can see. If for some reason this isn't possible, put the mosquito spray around this area but keep in mind that it could kill other bugs as well.

James Hunt has spent 15 years as a professional writer and researcher covering stories that cover a whole spectrum of interest. Read more at www.mosquito-elimination.info


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