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How To Correct a Golf Slice

For a golf slice to happen, two conditions must be present. Firstly, the club face is open when it hit the golf ball. Secondly, the golf club travels a out-to-in path.

In other words, the golf club cut across the target line instead of moving along target line. So to cure your golf slice, you have to eliminate these two conditions during impact. There are few ways to overcome the problem. 1.

Use a stronger grip Slicing is caused by a open club face. A stronger grip will make it easier to close the club face during impact. To adopt a stronger grip, first grip the golf club as you normally would, then turn both your hands toward right. You should be able to see two to three knuckles of your left hand (assuming you are right-handed player). 2. Check your body alignment.

Make sure both your feet is parallel to the target line. If you left feet is more behind than you right feet, you have a open stance. An open stance will make you swing the club in a out-to-in fashion. This type of swing path will cut across the golf ball resulting in a golf slice. What you want is the club head to travel along the target line not cut across it. To check your proper alignment, place a golf club on the ground point toward the target with the shaft touching the tip of both your feet.

If the club is parallel to the target line then your alignment is correct. 3. Check your club head alignment.

When you setup to the golf ball, make sure the flat edge of the club face is perpendicular to the target line. This is the most simple and basic check. Yet a lot of golfers forget to do it or do it wrongly. 4. Do not try to hit at the ball with your hand.

A lot of beginner golfers slice the golf ball because they try to hit at the ball instead of swinging through the ball. When you try to hit at the golf ball, you create too much tension in the arm and griping the club too hard. As a result, you will hold the club face open during impact because the hard grip and tension prevent the proper and timely rotation of the hands to close the club face. In a proper golf swing, you swing through the ball. Your target is the flag not the golf ball. So do not try to hit at the ball.

Instead, swing toward the target and let the ball get in the way. Depending on what is the cause of your golf slice, you may need one or more of the above fixes. But try only one fix at a time. Trying to making too many swing changes at one go will cause confusion and create other swing problems. Many times, one simple cure will fix the problem.

Use the ball flight as your guide.

The best way to lower your golf score is to adopt the simple golf swing. For more golf tips, please vist www.golf-swing-and-clubs.com.


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