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How To Download Wii Games You Can Use Right Away

The Nintendo Wii has sure taken the video game world by storm! It's a hot seller and we keep on receiving emails each day with various questions about it. One question we wanted to talk about today is where and how you can download Wii games right on your computer. Being able to download Wii games is a great feature - not only can you save a good chunk of money but it's also a lot easier than having to run out to the store when you want to try a new game. Ok, enough babbling by me! Here are your options for Wii downloads: You have two main options to choose from: Option Number One - Download Wii Games There are a few sites peppered around the internet that claim to offer "free Wii downloads".

They advertise that you can download Wii games after you install their software. It sounds great but there are a couple of warnings we have to fill you in on. The biggest problem with these types of websites is that they immediatelly put your computer at risk at catching a virus or some type of infection. There have been a number of sites like this that have been shut down for spreading all sorts of viruses. The problem here is that there isn't anyone that monitors these websites and the files that make their way on them.

Because of this you can never be certain that what you are downloading is "infection free". The other problem is that the download speeds are awfully slow. It can take well over a day for a game to download (even with high-speed!) and unfortunately many of the files don't even end up working. You probably aren't surprised to hear that we don't recommend this option. It's just too risky - you can infect your computer and it's an easy way to waste a bunch of time as well! Option Number Two - Download Wii Games Thankfully, this next option gives you a way to download Wii games without having to worry about viruses and the downloads are fast(and guaranteed to work!). There are a small handful of smart entrepreneurs that have seen the demand for Wii downloads and have built specialty Wii download websites that allow people to download Wii games, movies and music.

As you can probably guess, these websites charge a membership fee, but it isn't expensive. The cost is about $50 and this gives you a lifetime membership. You can login at any time and download any game or movie that you want. Over the long-run this option will save anyone who likes to try out new games a lot of money.

I love the fact you can do everything from home - it's definately an easy and convenient way to find yourself with a huge library of Wii games. You can start a free trial at a couple of the top-ranked Wii download websites (there's a link at the bottom of this article). You can expect the whole setup process to take about 10 minutes - the software you use to transfer the games onto your Wii is also included. If the Nintendo Wii has a place in your home, you will want to try using Wii downloads to see how easy it is. It's a great way to keep your Wii 'fully loaded' with new games and movies. We think it's only fair that we warn you though - once you start it's easy to get hooked! All the best!.

Click Here to discover how to start a free trial at a few of the top-ranked Nintendo Wii download websites. When you start to download wii games on your computer you will see just how easy it really is!


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