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How To Find Good Crappie Fishing Reels

Anglers across the board always have their own opinion as to the best available equipment for crappie fishing, and often, these opinions vary widely. However, when discussing crappie fishing reels, you may find that there are several avid anglers who agree with each other on the best reels to use, especially when expecting a large catch. What crappie fishing reels are most recommended by consistent anglers and why? Because anglers tend to spend several hours out on the lake, something easy on the wrist is usually quite necessary. The St. Croix Legend Elite is one popular crappie fishing reel because it has a shorter handle that makes it easier to handle for ten or more hours.

A six-foot, medium, fast action rod will work well with Lindy rigs and jigs and pick up an impressive number of large slabs in a long day's excursion. Another crappie fishing reel to try is the G. Loomis IMX rod, which is not the top of the line but is nonetheless an excellent rod for crappie.

While stiffer than the St. Croix rod, meaning that it is not as forgiving on the wrist, the six-foot medium action model is a great option for those who spend a little less time on the lake and a tough model for heavy and feisty spring fish. A good economy purchase among the options for crappie fishing reels is the Fenwick hardcore graphite rod. For an inexpensive rod, it is quite a steal, considering that it has excellent balance and an easy feel to the hand. Other economy reels include three Cabela models: the Platinum ZX, the Fish Eagle II, and the XML. If you are going to spend ten or more hours a day on the lake for several days and weeks of the year, you will want to invest in one of the more advanced, pricey models that will last you through the entire season.

However, if you are only going out a few times for short excursions, you should definitely consider an economy rod. In terms of the crappie fishing reels themselves, take a look at some of the models put out by Shimano. The Sustain 1000 and 2000 and the Calais casting reel all come highly recommended.

In fact, the entire Shimano line is favored among many anglers. They are touted to hold up much better than several other brands available, and the basic Stradic model is a budgetary model that will last through the worst abuse, never letting you down.

Dan Eggertsen is a fishing researcher and enthusiast who is commited to providing the best crappie fishing information possible. Get more information on crappie fishing reels here: http://www.askcrappiefishing.com


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