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How To Get Your Website Seen

Do you have time to market yourself, well it's simple now that you have a website - isn't it? We can all thank the invention of digital photography because it has given commercial photographers a lot of freedom, allowing them complete control over their work. There is, of course a downside to this - photographers now have to be proficient in the processing, retouching,printing and the distribution of their images. So how does a busy photographer find the time to organize his or her self promotion campaign? The days of buying a page or two in a photographers - contact book and hoping for the best have passed. How about I get a photographer's website built, that will sort out my marketing problems? Well it is true, the website has become the most effective marketing tool a photographer can have.

The medium suits photography perfectly and one could argue that presenting work through a photographer's website can often look better than doing so in print form. So, that's it then - get a website built and away you go, problem solved? Well no , it's not quite as simple as that as I am sure a lot of you reading this will testify. Once your website has been built and you have emailed your existing clients inviting them to go and have a look, along with friends + mum and dad , where do you go from there? For a website to be of any (commercial) use it has to be Search Engine Optimized (SEO) which basically means you have to managing the evolution of your website by modifying both internal and external aspects in order to increase the traffic the site receives from search engines. In other words, you need to keep updating the site with both images and very importantly 'text' on a regular basis, by doing this the search engine spiders will find you and start to move you up the ladder. This is when photographers websites become a really important marketing tool, the sole idea is to get your website to number one spot on page one of google.

The best way to improve your visibility is to join an association or a group of photographers who have a busy website. The notion that it is better to work in isolation is wrong and frankly, you / your website will hardly ever be found. Before you join a group it is important to take a good look at what they are offering their membership.

Along with portfolio space you need to see that they are organizing regular competitions and exhibitions, and producing regular newsletters which are important because members - work can be highlighted there. Also, make sure that the website is a modern css design because that means you can hyperlink your chosen viewers directly to the pages that you want them to visit. This, along with links to and from your website will do the trick. Being part of a busy commercial website that is pointing to your website will leapfrog you up the search engines and get you to where you want to be. Needless to say the more associations you belong to the better and looking at overseas memberships is advisable if you really want to get out there. Onwards and Upwards !!!!.

For eighteen years Kevin O'Connor ran his own photographic and post production studios in London and Amsterdam supplying advertising agencies. Kevin now directs the London Photographic Association which he set up to assist photographers to market themselves. http://www.london-photographic-association.com Email: kevin@lpa-management.com


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