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How To Plan Your Own Golf Vacation

Playing golf is one of the passionate hobbies of the upper echelons of the society. Sometimes these people take a few days off their busy schedule and visit Golf courses or villas elsewhere in the country to enjoy the pleasures of playing Golf over there. They hardly mind packing off and traveling hundreds of miles just to play Golf, just because they love Golf Vacation.

There are many places in US, which offer exotic Golf vacation, the list seems to be endless. From Palm Springs in California, Austin and Barton creek in Texas, Biloxi in Mississippi, Las Vegas in Nevada, Brooksville, Dayton Beach, Orlando, Miami and a dozen more in Florida there are several others located in different States of US. There are clubs and organizations that specialize in offering Golf package tours and vacations. They take care to provide everything right from lodging, fixing tee times and arranging car rentals. Infact, you can select from over 600 Golf courses at over 250 different resorts and hotels. All you have to do is just get an online quote after you decide.

Plan your entire trip, in four easy steps 1. Select your destination 2. Select your hotel 3. Select your golf course 4. Optionally select your car rental You can compare the prices of different packages and choose that which suits you best. Of course, some would love to play Golf built on seaside shores as in Vero Beach, Florida which is a most charming coastal town.

Here, Grand Harbor is a private, gated community golf course offering a wide variety of world-class amenities. It's not only professionals who go on golf vacations, but even beginners who want to learn the game go one vacations to America's favorite Golf Schools, offering two, three and five day packages at over 50 locations across the United States. Every year, thousands of student graduates over 20 years passing out, these students return season after season to refine their playing skills, relax and enjoy the amenities that many of these locations have to offer. These clubs have dedicated teaching staff who sincerely care to teach and improve your golf playing skills. Their relaxed teaching structure lets you work and also have fun at your own pace, whatever your age or level of ability be Beginners and intermediates are just as welcome as low handicappers. Some of these clubs even offer discounts for senior citizens (60+) and military personnel.

They can offer specialized private lessons and have golf schools for women, beginners and juniors. In general, a Golf vacation could be as exciting and thrilling as any other vacation say to the sea-shore or mountains or water falls.

NamSing Then is a regular article contributor on many topics. Be sure to visit his websites Golf Vacation Resources, Florida Golf Vacation and Reno Golf Vacation


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