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Is Golf Really a Head Game

Golf pros, being only human, can often give quite contradictory advice. Almost daily you can pick up a newspaper or magazine or book and read there comments on a certain aspect of the game which are completely different to what somebody else said, on the same subject, just yesterday. For example, one pro says that you should keep your head straight, but then another person comes along with an entirely different set of rules. So what should you and I do, and which advice should we take. Well, let me add my comments in here, you can evaluate them, and if they seem to be reasonable, then follow my advice. All people are different and no two of us play exactly alike.

This is why it is a great idea not to concentrate on one particular method of playing golf to the exclusion of all other methods. Some basics can make or break your golf game. And I would like to encourage you to keep your head still and not move it during your swing. It is impossible to keep your head still if you tense up your muscles.

Keeping your head still helps you to loosen up and allows you to finish your swing smoothly. By keeping your head still, you can also prevent the dreaded slice because you do not have to pull your hands in to keep balanced. I once heard a golf championship winner ssy that every time he prepared to make a shot, he said to himself, Keep your head still.

It is one of those necessities for a good golf swing, that many players do not concentrate on. If you can become successful at just this one skill, you will find your golf game improving. When you make a terrible shot, which we all do from time to time, try concentrating on keeping your head still during the next swing. If you keep your head still, it will be possible to see the ball during the entire swing. If your head is moving, it will be impossible to keep your eye on the ball. Now, if you just incorporate this one technique into your game you will see improvement.

Let me give you a rather bold and daring suggestion. Why not try keeping your head still enough to keep a jar of water on the top of your head perfectly still and watch the ball as you swing. You will be able to see the ball better and hit it more solidly. Even if you are nervous when you are playing, keep these two tips in mind and your game will definitely improve.

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