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If you are interested in learning about a career in the film business,you are looking at a pretty competitive industry. The good news is that many people are getting jobs in this area, even when the economy is suffering from a slump, because entertainment is the one thing people still spend money on during tough times. Here are some of the industry statistics. Theater admissions did decline in recent years, but it seems that the year 2006 ended a three year downward trend as admissions increased 3.3 percent over 2005.

Ticket sales revenues increased by 5.Close to 5 percent, making 2006 a $9.49 billion year. The total number of movies released in 2006 - up 607 - marked an 11 percent increase over the number of releases in 2005. If you want to learn how to be a director or a producer the latest published data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the film industry provided 157,000 jobs for actors, directors and producers in 2004.

This number is expected to grow between 9-17 percent by the year 2014. In 2002, there were about 360,000 jobs in the motion picture and video industries, but most of these workers were involved in the production end of film making. There are many companies in the industry employ 10 workers or less. The good news is that a 31.1 percent increase in jobs is expected industry-wide between 2002 and 2012.

This growth is about twice the 16 percent growth expected across all industries combined over the same timeframe. How much money can you can make by getting a job in the film industry? Well, it appears that median annual earnings for salaried producers and directors, were at $46,240 in 2002. And if you were really good, and lucky, the top ten percent earned over $119,760. Those who are really serious about a career in the film business should take a look at programs with film mentor teachers from inside the industry, which takes you out of the classroom of some film schools in colleges and onto real movie sets. This is how and where you'll learn by doing while you apprentice, one-on-one with a mentor, or by working with a professional - a producer, actor, or a director - in the area of film that you want to study.

There are plenty of Los Angeles film schools, and even New York film schools, and many in between in just about any major city in the U.S., but the reality is that in order to really "break into the film business" you will benefit by studying with a working professional. The reality is that no matter what the economy has in store, or what the job market statistics come in at -- if you really want to work in the entertainment or film industry, the best way to do it is to learn your skills from a mentor in the entertainment industry who will help you get a job once you graduate.

Writer and social media expert Kristin Gabriel works with the Los Angeles film school known as the Entertainment Career Connection, Inc., a fully accredited academic institution certified by the National Private Schools Accreditation Alliance. The school provides educational apprentice programs for the film, radio, television and the music recording industries in more than 100 cities in 50 states. The schools provide the entertainment industry with graduate apprentices and entry level employees.


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