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Lightweight Folding Bikes For The Convenience Of Your Everyday Transit

The arrival of the lightweight folding bikes was welcome news for most every day commuters. Actually, these bicycles can easily be folded, packed and stowed away neatly; they are so light that you can carry them with you effortlessly. No wonder that these days many people are choosing to travel on their lightweight folding bicycles instead of using cars and motorbikes. Specialty Made from lightweight Aluminum, the different folding bike models are not inferior to regular bikes in terms of performance and durability. Lightweight folding bicycle models of different sizes and styles are available in the market. You will need to select one fit for your requirement and style of riding.

Electricity-driven folding bikes have also been launched by some manufacturers and if you are one of those reluctant bicycle-riders, you can simply whiz around on them. Pricing As far as prices are concerned, you can surely strike good, cheap deals if you shop around, doing a little bargaining. Shopping online provides you the opportunity of checking the prices being offered by different dealers in a matter of moments. Following below are some super-performance lightweight folding bicycle models: Airframe Folding Bicycle Befitting its nomenclature, the Airframe folding bicycle with its high-grade alloy frame (if not as weightless as air) weighs just 23.2 lbs. Designed by Graham Herbert, this commuter bikes unique scissor action enables you to fold the bike into a very compact size (110 x 46 x 31cm), making it easy for you to carry and store the bike.

Other features of the Airframe bike include an adjustable handlebar/saddle heights, folding pedals, puncture resistant Schwalbe marathon tires and 4 or 8 speed Shimano Nexus hub. Free carry-bag / Pannier bag is also being offered with the Airframe bike. Dahon Speed D7 Folding Bicycle The Dahon Speed D7 weighing only 27.1 lbs.

is a popular portable bike (it folds to 33x64x81 cm in just 15 seconds). The hand-welded frame of the bicycle is one of the stiffest frames. The Dahon Neos rear derailleur of the bike gives it superior ground clearance and so the bike will not snag on the ground even when you go past sharp bends. Dawes Kingpin Folding Bike Dawes Kingpin, made by the market-leaders Dahon, is another lightweight bike weighing around 30 lbs. The bike has two folding pedals and Six Speed Shimano Tourney gears.

A great looking bike, it is an ideal means of transportation for commuters, campers and even caravaners. There is a provision for free of cost delivery within the bounds of UK. Mezzo i4 Folding Bike Weighing 25 lbs., Mezzo i4 folding bike is yet another extremely lightweight folding bike. With its automatic self-locking catches, the bike folds in just a few seconds and the hinge-free mainframe gives you smooth, effortless ride. Other specifications of the bike include alloy-made frame and pedals, Mezzo 16x1 3/8 tires (with Kevlar puncture protection) and Stainless Steel Silver spokes.

Robert Sheehan is a freelance writer and co-owner of http://www.bicycles-are-us.com Visit Robert And read more about bicycles at http://www.bicycles-are-us.com/Folding-Bikes.html


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