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Perfecting Your Golf Putting Game

Do you ever wonder why the simplest golf shot seems to cause the biggest problem for golfers? Golf putting is the only shot that's possible to execute without flaws. Some of us start off as kids putting and some of us are pretty darn good at this even at a young age. This golf shot is often what leads us to our lifelong addiction to this wonderful game of golf. OK, so if this is the case then what goes wrong? How is it that the easiest of golf shots become an absolute nightmare in an adult golfers life? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question.

Experts find this to be just as baffling as the inexperienced amateurs do. One would say it's all in the mind, and this is probably not far from the truth in the case of golf. A number of years ago an American company designed a golf-putting machine to aid in golf training.

Tests were carried out in optimum putting conditions, and they were to discover that their new pride and joy could not even make every putt. Even though they dismantled this machine, tweaked it here and there until they felt they were certain that it was going to work perfectly, well guess what, it still failed to hole some of the putts. So maybe there is something to the black art about golf putting? So, what lesson do we learn from the above? The fact is that you're never really going to achieve perfection in putting. If a perfectly working machine under perfect operating conditions fails to hole every golf putt, we can safely say that, as humans will never be able to be perfect. After all as humans we all have our imperfections. As a good rule of thumb stop giving yourself a hard time over missing a few putts.

Even the top professional golfers find themselves in the same position. Golf putting problems are more likely to be psychological than physical. So under these circumstances you shouldn't be getting down on yourself mentally, as we can see this can only make matters worse. Now the question is, is there anything that you can really do if you have some sort of putting problems? One suggestion would be to think about your mental state and picture that you really can putt, you may want to look into self hypnosis tapes as this can help you get into a stronger mental state. You may also want to try changing your putter; sometimes this will do the trick.

Keep your eye on the professionals as some of these golfers have suffered from the same situation. Often times we can learn from just watching and following others that are successful at golf putting.

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