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Pitching Songs for Placement

Here's the Pitch. .It's a Home Run!! Ok you've got the perfect song and you and your friends are sure this is the next big hit, so. now what? While there's know one sure way to get your song in the right hands. There's certainly some things to consider before you promote your song. Pitching songs to record labels and/or publishers can be as challenging as hitting a home run in a major league baseball game.

Ok so you've got your mixed and mastered song in hand, Now your ready to start pitching. First things first you have to know who your pitching to, If your a explicit metal rock band you wouldn't want to pitch to the disney channel. So do your research and find the music publishers that distribute and promote your style of music.

Next you have to find away to make your marketing package standout. If your sending your package via email, then make sure you chose pictures that are eye poping and grab the attention,usually rich colors like red, green,gold will to the trick.For physical mail you should call first and find out what the A&R or music director likes to snack on and present that along with your package.You really have to be creative, remember your one of hundreds each day, so besides having a really great song you have to work twice as hard just to be heard. It's also a good idea to mention that you will be sending your material and tell them when to expect it, every bit counts and while your at it get the name of the person you speak to, this is a great way to get yourself ahead.

Inside your package make sure all of your contact info is in plain view and easy to read. Be consistent but don't be a pest, call once a week to check on your material and include a return postage(S.A.S.

E) for critiques. It may take a while to hit that home run but it sure feels good when you do and all the frustration you felt striking out goes away. And remember this is a numbers game the more times you send out your music in a professional way, the faster you will see results. Ok so your at the plate.no men on base 2 stikeout and 3 balls what are you doing to do? Thanks for reading see you next time Copyright (c) 2008 Carlton Richard.

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