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BE AGGRESSIVE BY SEATTLE THEATRE Artattack the theatre company was founded in 2001 in Seattle, Washington. Since the past six years the company has produced 25 plays. Our achievements also include numerous world, West coast and American premiers. Artattack has always been appreciated for its bold and innovative theatre.

Our commitment and loyalty to theatre has earned us several awards including The Lambda award, Best of Seattle awards, The Collins Foundation, The Meyer Memorial Trust, the Equity Foundation and others. Our mission is to produce brave theatre that can challenge us and our audience. We are proud to inform that we are now ready with the Seattle premier of Annie Weisman/s hilarious satire, Be Aggressive. Be Aggressive has been one of our most successful past productions and it also happens to be our favorite. Be Aggressive is a hysterical comedy that will leave the audience in splits from the word go. It deals with the relationship between parents and their children, a heavy hearted topic, in a light and comical fashion.

Loss of friendship also happens to be one of the themes of the play which revolves around two regular American teenage girls. The two friends love to travel anywhere and they do so in a car over vast distances. The journey outside has been used as a metaphor for the girls journey within themselves. Here too they travel great distances into themselves to discover who they really are.

The story of the two American teenage girls has been told in the unique Greek style with a chorus of cheerleaders. Cheerleaders have been used for the first time in theatre to narrate the story of a play. This is a unique and original presentation by the playwright Annie Weisman. If you miss this, you would be total looser.

Through the play Weisman shows her talent in the use of words and the English Language. This young playwright impresses with her humor and satirical wit. Her ambitious theatricality is also amply evident.

She comes across as new exciting and unique voice, worthy enough to be noticed in the scene of American theatre. Be aggressive is one of our quality productions. We have been known in American theatre for producing brave and dynamic plays, which dare to challenge the face of society. We achieve this not through boring and serious sermons but through hilarious comedy as in Be Aggressive. In our long run of productions that have often run into packed houses we have made no compromises whatsoever in the quality. Our commitment to theatre always comes first and not profits.

Even though we are non- profit we have been bringing out some of the best plays in the country. Though we raise funds by selling tickets only 50% of our operating budget comes through sales of tickets. We depend on generous donations from the audience to make up the deficits. Viewers are invited to contribute as much as they like, in thousands of dollars, in hundreds or even in ten dollars if they feel so. All contributions are welcome.

Imagine how boring the world would be without any of the arts. The future of the arts is entrusted to you. In you lies the responsibility to promote the arts through generous contributions.

Justin Lockwood is the author of this article on Seattle Theater. Find more information about Seattle Washington Theater here.


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