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Seven Card Stud Detailed Description

Once the Antes have been placed, the Sitting-in players are each dealt two facedown "Hole Cards" and one face up "Door Card". The cards are dealt in a clockwise fashion, one at a time, starting with the first player to the left of the Dealer. The first Betting Round is initiated by the player, Sitting-in, with the lowest ranking (valued) Door Card showing, by suit. The Betting Rounds & Limits There are five possible Betting Rounds in Pacific Poker's Seven Card Stud. In each Betting Round, the amount that players Bet is determined by that specific table's Lower and Higher Limit Stakes (Betting amount). A table's Lower Limit Stake is always half of the Higher Limit Stake (i.

e. a $1/$2 table, or a $5/$10 table). * In the first Betting Round, of a Seven Card Stud Poker hand, players Bet in multiples of no less than the "Bring-in" amount (one half of that table's Lower Limit Stake), and no more than that table's Lower Limit Stake; * In the second Betting Round, of a Seven Card Stud game, players Bet in multiples of that Table's Lower Limit Stake: o If a player is showing a Pair, with their initial 2 face up cards, players have the option to Bet in multiples of that table's Lower or Higher Limit Stake. Once a player Bets at that table's Higher Limit Stake, then all following players must also Bet at the Higher Limit Stake. # In the final three Betting Rounds, of a Seven Card Stud Poker game, players Bet in multiples of that table's Higher Limit Stake. Pacific Poker's Seven Card Stud follows the conventional Poker Betting Round Structure.

Betting Rounds always proceed in a clockwise fashion, from one active player to the next. Each player must either: 1. Check - Pass the option to act to the next active player; Or 2. Bet - Place a Betting Round's initial increase to the amount that each of the following players must place in the Pot, in order to remain in the hand; Or 3.

Raise - Place a Betting Round's 2nd, 3rd or 4th increase to the amount that each of the following players must place in the Pot, in order to remain in the hand; Or 4. Call - Equal the previous active player's Betting amount in that Betting Round and remain in the hand; Or 5. Fold - Discard hand and no longer remain active to participate in the hand. The player forfeits the amount (if any) that they have previously wagered during that hand. In keeping with conventional Poker rules, within each Betting Round there can be no more than one Bet and three additional Raises ("Raise", "Reraise" & "Cap"). Once a Cap occurs, the following players will only be able to Call or Fold.

A Betting Round is concluded when: 1. All active players have Checked in turn; Or 2. All active players have Called the last player to Bet or Raise, in turn; Or 3. All previous active players have chosen to Fold, leaving only one active player. This remaining player automatically wins the Pot; both the Betting Round and hand are automatically terminated. After each of the subsequent four deals of the cards ("Fourth Street", "Fifth Street", "Sixth Street" and "The River*"), there is a Betting Round, which is initiated by the active player (has not Folded) with the highest ranking hand.

*Occasionally, there are not enough cards in the deck to give each player their own final seventh card (the River), face down. In this case, one card will be placed, face up, in the center of the table. This "Community Boardcard" is shared by all active players. The Showdown Once the fifth Betting Round has been completed, if more than one player remains active in the hand, there is a "Showdown". In the Showdown, each active player combines any five of their seven total cards, to create the highest ranking, five card, Poker hand possible.

Pacific Poker follows Standard Poker Rules for determining Poker hand rank (see the Hand Ranking Chart section of this site). The active player who creates the highest ranking Poker hand wins the Pot, minus the Pot won by any players holding higher ranking "All-in" hands (see All-in Policy in the House Rules section of this site) and the "Rake" (see the Limits, Antes & Rake in the how to play section of this site).

This article about seven card stud and Texas Holdem provided by Pacificpoker.com.
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