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Sherlock Holmes Is Alive

For many a literary fan it is fun and exciting to dress up and play the part of one’s favorite character but it seems that no other character is quite as popular as that of a one Sherlock Holmes. His quirky yet intelligent actions in the stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle make him among the top literary characters that are researched and requested today. Even in death, he was a popular character, and the public begged for his resurrection. Doyle finally did give him back to the world and the fans, which would be seen wearing black armbands around their arms in public to mourn for the loss of the popular character. The fans of Sherlock Holmes still play the part, dressing up as various characters in the stories on regular occasions to act out a tale once a week or once a month in a meeting of the fans.

Such interest in him is still so common that the museum in his name still sees thousands of visitors each and every year. It is hard to believe that this character has survived for greater than one hundred years due to his fans. He is the immortal detective. He is one that was resurrected from the dead to once again grace the pages of Doyle’s novels and make his fans even more adoring.

A society has even been started in his name. Members of this society regularly give updates and offer small tidbits of news for the viewing of the public. People interested in the great and glorious character can easily search the internet to find several topics related to the character or even fan groups and the all mighty Society of Sherlock Holmes. How many other literary characters have been so privileged as to have their fans create their very own society? This writer cannot think of any other than Sherlock Holmes. The fans adore him, the readers are amazed by him, and people still attempt to portray him. Sherlock Holmes is like the Elvis of Europe.

He is reputed to still be alive even if only in the minds of those fans who so greatly adore him. He is still commonly portrayed in full dress and fans still try to become him if even for only a few hours. His popularity has never faltered due to this fan base. So, as a reader and a writer, I compare him to “The King” with his crazed but loyal fans and interesting impersonators and Europe or London to the Las Vegas strip where the action is played out day after day after day. His adoring fan base has probably increased the awareness of his existence much more easily than his creator did in the past and they are also responsible for the great art of enactment of him.

It takes a genius to portray the life of a genius. Sherlock Holmes is therefore still alive, even if it is only in memory. He really never died if the decision was up to the fans.

Chris Haycock is an information publisher, one of whose many hobbies includes crime fiction. Early detective fiction in particular. A great favourite is Sherlock Holmes. If you would like to know more about Sherlock Holmes and an excellent offer, why not go now to http://www.sherlockandwatson.com


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