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Super Diamond Mine Slot Machine

When you want a little more from your slot machine, Super Diamond Mine fits the bill. Sure, simple three-reel slot machines are nice, but sometimes you need extra excitement. Super Diamond Mine is a 5-reel slot machine and you can play six different denominations. The slot machine can be customized for penny, nickel, quarter, fifty-cent, dollar and five dollar action. So, it basically spans the gamut. Play for pennies and fun or crank it up at $5 per pay-line and go for the big payday.

As you might expect, this is a game with a diamond mining theme. Super Diamond Mine has a side game where you accumulate mine entrances. When a diamond symbol appears on the reel-any spot-they cascade in a certain direction.

Each diamond shown adds to the dynamite meter. When the dynamite meter hits 99, it's fun time. A little gnome character will ignite the dynamite and the screen will explode. This starts the Diamond Mine bonus round.

And here's where thinking and luck come into the winning equation. You have to pick which one of your mines you think holds the highest bonus. This bonus round even has a talking goat that provides commentary. Here's an important notice about Super Diamond Mine. If you change the denomination, your dynamite meter gets reset. It's important that you remember this.

Why does the game do this? Well, in the bonus round, the money earned is based on your last spin. If the game didn't do this, people would play pennies to get towards 99 and then switch to the $5 game. So, keep this in mind when you play this fun slot machine.

As I always say, you need to play max coins to hit the jackpot. And if you're not playing for the jackpot, you're not playing at all. Super Diamond Mine has a maximum of 45 coins, so that's 45 cents per spin on the penny game. Super Diamond Mine's 45 coins are spread among nine pay-lines, 5 coins per line. Hitting the Bet Max button will play 45 coins provided you have that many credits left.

If you're in the mood for a 5-reel slot machine with a fun side game and some great graphics, check out Super Diamond Mine. While this game doesn't have the crazy pay structure that some other video slot machines have, I'd spend a couple minutes to familiarize yourself with the pay structure. Now, get out there and have some five-reel fun with Super Diamond Mine!.

Will Win is a professional gambler, ex casino dealer and author. For the best Online Casino Visit www.casino-magic.org


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