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The Good News Program

Ildiko Minko has a blueprint in her mind for what she calls The Good News Program. Her training at The American Film Institute makes her the perfect person to carry out this manifestation. Others may participate, but she is the architect of this idea. Last week, I interviewed Ildiko about her ideas revolving around the need to elevate the vibrational fields regarding sensational news stories, violence on TV and in movies. This week, we will continue the conversation.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 1) Ildiko, tell us your plans for The Good News Program. "I stopped watching the news programs wherever I am in the world. The reason is that they are filled only with bad news.

They show all the awful and horrible things in the world. My plan is to balance this. To show that there are as much good things happening in the world.

"Wonderful things." 2) In our last interview, we discussed how the airwaves, media and mind are in need of enlightened and transformed programming. What is your vision for creating an enlightened Good News Program that will spark interest and excitement with your viewers? "We will only focus on all the good deeds and news that are happening in the world.

The positive things and events. "We will show the BEAUTY in people." 3) How will The Good News Program ignite the imagination, thus inviting more people to join in the movement of generating uplifting and inspiring programing all over the world? "I am not alone in stopping watching the news and would like to feel uplifted when turning on the television.

Millions are out there who feel exactly the same way I do." 4) I recently read a "thread" on The Secret Forum at Powerful Intentions about the Good News Program. How are you planning to also partner with members of The Secret Forum in the creation of The Good News Program? "We are happy to receive their posts about uplifting stories in their lives or others they have knowledge about." 5) It looks to me like this is a cooperative effort that will bring into being a revolution in the media otherwise known as a paradigm shift.

"Yes. Everybody participating in this with their uplifting stories are creating the program. "They are Co-creators." This will lead to a grass roots movement whereby people begin to think for themselves and start listening to their innermost intuitive guidance.

All because of an idea that motivates creative solutions to save the future of Mother Earth, just because we turn off negative programming. What do you think of that?? "I think, Kate, that this is wonderful!!" 6) What I want to discuss is free speech in America, and the importance of honest reporting of the news. Honest reporting is what preserves our democracy. Furthermore, this is why the press was originally formulated here in this country: to keep our democracy honest, and to preserve the First Amendment of The Constitution.

Nowadays, the media is reporting catastrophe after catastrophe, and then goes on and on about the lives of Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears. This is not honest reporting. It undermines what we really need in America, like environmental protection and like the television show you spoke of that you won award for The Green Planet. What is your opinion about this? "I think that media sensationalism distorts information and causes great damage. They sensationalize in order to attract more sales and more viewers.

"I find it very harmful." 7) What we need in media is a balance. People honestly do not want to hear about Paris Hilton's alcoholism. The balance is between censorship and reporting that continually brings down a person's energy. People truly want to hear about solutions to the difficult problems we face in the world today!!! They want to feel good after reading the news of the day.

Even what appears to be negative occurences in people's lives has a silver lining. These need to be emphasized! I recently listened to an Angelina Jolie interview about her experience of going into war torn countries. What she experienced was a cooperation and a love between the people, say, in refugee camps. She went into the experience with her own fear and thought that the people would be shattered and demoralized--but this is not what she saw. So I believe the Good News Program doesn't need to ignore what people might consider to be negative. It needs to report how people overcome adversity, how spirituality often arises in the face of difficult circumstances, how the resilience of the human spirit can rise above everything!!!!!! What do you think about this? "I totally agree! The Good News Program should show the way people overcome adversity, to inspire people to rise above it all.

"To show that it is possible." 7) The Green Planet-- tell us more about that show!!!!! "The Green Planet was an environmental protection TV series I produced for Hungarian National Television. It aired for almost two years and won an award of excellence from the Hungarian Parliament." Congratulations, Ildiko!! That experience has laid down the foundation for your future success with The Good News Program!! Good luck!!.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Kate Loving Shenk is a writer, healer, musician and the creator of the e-book called "Transform Your Nursing Career and Discover Your Calling and Destiny." Click here to find out how to order the e-book: http://www.nursingcareertransformation.com Check Out Kate's Blog: http://www.nursehealers.typepad.com -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-


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