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The office crew has been busy during season three with antics aplenty at the Scranton office and corporate headquarters. Season four starts off with Michael not being able to catch a break (not getting the corporate job.) Jans' new "boobs" didn't solve a thing but a quick jaunt across some hot coals appear to have Jim thinking that their may be some fire (pun intended) between he and Jan. When we last saw Jan, she had called off her wedding and returned to Scranton with Michael.

Jim was right there as the cliff hanger asking Jan for a date. It would seem that we are in for the long haul with Jim and Jan ala Sam and Diane. The first two episodes of the fourth season find the ultimate promotion winner (Ralph) coming back to get Scrantons' technology needs up to snuff, so the show is moving forward with Jim and Jans' relationship undecided. Quite frankly, if a woman cancels a wedding and walks across hot coals for a guy it does sort of say something about her intentions. Let alone a boob job for crying out loud! Building tension after these little tit-bits is going to be tough. Maybe Jan needs a quick stay at the funny farm to think things out.

If sending Jan to the funny farm doesn't work, why not try having Jan and Jim/Ralph or both having a steamy encounter on the HP printer. Drawing out the romance thing with Jim and Jan has been done to death. Go for a new angle. Jan is perfectly capable of sleeping her way to the top.

She's got the new boobs after all. Maybe Ralph can find a copy of the Karma Sutra on Jan's reception desk. Any comedy writer worth their pay could have a field day with a HP printer and the Karma Sutra. But where is Michael in all of this? Has he lost his place in the show after Aaron Almightily? (low grossing movie by Steve C.

) Maybe he had one too many nights in a woman's bathroom stall writing graffiti about himself (past episode reference.) Now that his corporate affairs (pun intended) have been lifted he is a clean slate in the show. What to do with him and the newly demoted ass sales rep. They are sure to have new story lines in the new season. But how can the writers make idiots even more stupid. The writers should print out a memo on the Epson printer and let them know.

After all they are based on everyday brain dead bosses.

James Kara Murat from PrintCountry.com, the contributor of PrintCountry FAQ. A longer version of this article is located at PrintCountry Office Supplies, and related resources can be found at PrintCountry Printer Ink Cartridges Funny Stuff and Jokes.


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