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The Ultimate Experience of Tent Camping

If someone were to ask me of my favorite experience while outdoors with my father, I would immediately respond "tent camping!" When my brother and I were younger, our parents were determined to help us experience the most out of our summer vacations and still spend time with them. Thus, instead of signing us up to join a summer camp, since they were both working individuals and time was back then a luxury, my parents decided to split their summer vacations in such way so as to increase our ability to vacate with them; even if that meant that we would have to spend more time first with the one and later with the other. My mother was the one that introduced us to all those amazing resorts and my father joined us during the last of the three weeks we had the opportunity to spend with her.

Upon the completion of that last week that we were all together, my father drove us-literally drove us-to a number of places all over my home country, for an extra fifteen days. By the time I was fourteen, I had been given the opportunity to live outdoors, see a million different places and experience the unexpected. I remember now that when early in fall I returned to school, I was one of the few students delighted to write the first essay of the semester, titled "How did you spend your summer vacations?" I was extremely eloquent in describing my tent camping adventures and that made my teacher's eyebrows rise high pleasantly surprised.

Ask around and you will see. One third of U.S.

adults say that they have gone on a camping vacation in the last five years, making it the number one outdoor activity in the U.S. Camping in and of itself is a great hobby for families to undertake together. But tent camping in particular, offers to parents the opportunity of teaching their children that fun and adventure are not things one should pay a high price for.

Especially nowadays, when parents are seeking for an instructive, yet affordable, way of instilling in their kids a taste for the simpler things in life, tent camping can be a great outdoor activity for families to explore. Since many kids lack any sense of responsibility, discipline, and organization, embarking for a tent camping adventure can offer to parents the opportunity to instruct their children that it is possible to have fun, be safe, and keep organized, all at the same time. Some of the advantages of this simple form of camping for parents and kids are its affordability, the fact that it offers the right circumstances for one to teach that you can survive with only the basics and that one should stay organized and always be prepared. In fact, tent camping gives you a sense of success and accomplishment, while it lets you experience nature from a totally different perspective. But before deciding to let yourself, your friends and/or your kids experience this amazing outdoor activity, you should remember to check some basic stuff.

First, how many people can fit in your tent. It would be really frustrating having to deal with the fact that one has to sleep in the car because you miscalculated your tent's dimensions. Second, you should check whether or not tent camping is allowed where you are going. If you are going to visit a specific area, call the local authorities and find out if tent camping is a welcomed activity.

Some places, like forest areas and such, do not allow campers to stay overnight, in fear of fires or other camping accidents. Third, you should make a list of the things you will need apart from your precious tent. Flashlights, sleeping beds, water coolers, food containers, cooking and eating utensils, handbags, and of course the right type of clothes and shoes, are some of the things you should be planning to take. Walking in high heals or wearing uncomfortable clothes can result in frustration and whining. This is the time you and your family should relax and bond with each other, not the time to fight. Thus, make sure you are familiar with the basics and don't let simple things, like the weather for example, get in your way.

Check your list, do your shopping and then camp away!.

Kadence Buchanan writes articles on many topics including Outdoors, Food, and Nutrition


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