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Tips for Awesome Fireworks Photos

Fourth of July is right around the corner and capturing the light-filled moments of the fireworks is something we may have all attempted. Unfortunately, we sometimes end up with prints that look foggy, blurry, and painted with a mixture of light -- that look nothing like the fireworks we had viewed. Here's the great news -- making the photos better is simple if you follow a few tips. Lights, camera, action Turning the independence holiday into a memorable event is easier than you think. Check out these strategies for taking some fabulous fireworks photos. #1 Don't overexpose your picture.

Photos have a unique quality when it comes to fireworks: you should take them at a precise moment. If your camera is set to snap the photo in the wrong number of seconds, you'll lose the shot you were looking for and end up with a smoky, blurry mess. Manually set your camera to snap in 1.6 seconds. You'll catch the vibrant burst you were looking for and the film will display it beautifully.

#2 Use a tripod. Fireworks aren't just about glorious light in the sky. They're also about the movement of the lights. Handheld cameras lack the ability to stay still long enough to depict the firework in its true form. A tripod helps you hold steady and get the shot you were aiming for.

#3 Lose the flash. Many of us may see the flash as an assistant during dark photos. Unfortunately, the flash won't do anything for a fireworks shot. Leave the flash turned off during all of your fireworks photo snapping. #4 Use low ISO. Taking photos of fireworks is much different than it is for most other picture subjects.

The best part of the snapshot is the color embedded with the look of falling fire stars. To make this come out beautifully on your photos, your ISO (i.e. light sensitivity) needs to be low. I recommend that you manually change your ISO to the speed of 100 to help your camera better portray the air show in the dark.

#5 Don't trust your camera's automatic features. I know what you're thinking. You bought that camera because of all of the automatic features it boasts and you'd like to use them. Well, for fireworks photos, cameras don't detect the light properly and usually end up taking photos that come out blurry and overexposed.

Try the manual settings on your camera and your shots will be clearer. This Fourth of July, pull your camera out and try some of these tips. You'll have some gorgeous memories of the fireworks in the night sky.

Looking to take amazing photographs of fireworks this 4th of July? Just follow these tips and tricks! And for even more great information go to 7PhotographyQuestions.com and listen to Master Photographer Jim Zuckerman offer inside secrets on how to take stunning photographs at night, including extraordinary fireworks photographs.


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