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Tips to Plan a Better Golf Vacation

Planning a golf vacation is always fun; however, far too often all that anticipated fun could turn out to be a big hassle if you do not know what to plan in advance and how to plan the aspects of your upcoming vacation. One of the first aspects of your golf vacation that should be planned is the amount you plan to spend. Like any other type of vacation, a golf resort vacation can become very pricey very quickly. Therefore, it is important to take the time to find out in advance how much your vacation will cost. The good news is there are numerous ways to save on your trip.

Look for discounted play and stay packages offered by many courses and hotels that can provide a price break on your room in addition to green fees. Just make sure that you know in advance if there are any special stipulations attached to these packages such as minimum number of nights, etc. Another important aspect to planning a great golf trip is to consider the other people with whom you will be traveling. For example, if you're going to be playing with a group of mixed skill level players, make sure you take this into consideration when planning where you will stay and play. If you're planning to travel with family members or even friends who do not golf, be sure to check out other local activities to ensure there are things for them to do while you're golfing, otherwise your trip may end up being miserable for everyone involved.

One of the great things about golf is that regardless of where you happen to be staying, whether it is the beach, the mountains or a metropolitan area, there is usually at least one if not more great golf courses around. Regardless of where you opt to stay, take the time to do some research ahead of time. Check out which courses are available and whether those courses are appropriate for your skill level. This can help you to not only get an idea of the cost of your upcoming trip but also other aspects as well including activities available for non golfers in your group and what you can expect from the local area.

Make sure you pack your golf equipment carefully. While soft golf travel bags are obviously less expensive, it is really best to opt for a hard side bag to ensure your equipment is protected from all of the many possibilities of travel. Be sure to clean out your golf bag and rid it of anything left over from other outings. Pack some new balls, sunscreen, tees, additional spikes, markers and repair tools in case you run into a problem. The extra expense you will pay for a hard side bag versus a soft bag will be more than made up by ensuring your clubs won't be broken or rendered useless during travel. Remember that you will need to check your clubs as baggage at the airport, if you are flying.

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