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Troubleshoot Your Xbox Using These Simple Suggestions

If you or a friend have used an Xbox 360 for any length of time, you've most likely experienced or heard of the red ring of death. Ever since it's introduction to the market, problems have been no stranger to this machine. This problem is indicated by 3 flashing red lights around the power button.

Repair work is not out of the question if you wish to eliminate this problem. Before doing any repair work, try the following suggestions: Restart the console. If this doesn't help, then the problem may be due to a loose cord or cable. First, any power cords and cables that can be disconnected should be removed.

Unplug the power cord from the wall. All cables and cords should now be reattached to the console. Now connect up the power and switch the console back on. If the above step didn't work, then turn off the console, unplug the power and then disconnect the hard drive. Switch on the console after plugging the power back in. If there isn't a "three red lights error", then turn the Xbox off and disconnect the power cord.

Finally, reattach the hard drive, plug the power back in and turn on the console. If none of the above worked, your problem may be heat related. If the Xbox chips get over heated, they can shut down.

In some cases this thermal shutdown can accompanied by the "red ring of death" error. This is particularly true if your machine has had heat related shutdowns in the past. Turn your machine off and let it cool down if you think that it has overheated.

Make sure that your Xbox is in an open and well ventilated area and that the cooling vents aren't obstructed. There should be no heat sources nearby. Remove any dust that has built up inside the machine. Blow air across your console with a small fan.

The power brick also needs cooling, so don't place it on soft shaggy carpeting. This article discussed the different measures to take when your Xbox experiences a general hardware failure. If you are still having problems, you will have to get your machine repaired. The warranty for any Xbox experiencing this mode of failure was extended by Microsoft for a good three years beyond the date of purchase.

This warranty is void if you have opened up your console. You will get your repaired Xbox back from Microsoft after a delay of a few weeks or more. A quicker but expensive option is to send your console to a repair shop. Yet another option would be to repair it yourself using the various guides that are available.

Marc Sandford is a gaming addict and writer. Get Xbox trouble shooting information about fixing the Red Ring of Death.


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