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Ukulele Music Songs Played on the Ukulele

The ukulele is an often overlooked instrument. But the ukulele is capable of making some beautiful music. This article takes a look at some of the most famous songs played on the ukulele. IZ - Somewhere Over the Rainbow Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, or IZ as he's known, was a Hawaiian ukulele player and singer who took the world by storm with his classic cover of the 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'. The song was not previously associated with the ukulele, but his version has made it become a ukulele staple.

So much so that when Jason Castro decided to perform the song on American Idol he want out and bought a ukulele so he could play it on the show. Jake Shimabukuro - While My Guitar Gently Weeps Jake Shimabukuro's instrumental ukulele version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps (originally by The Beatles) first came to public attention when he performed it in the Strawberry Fields area of Central Park for New York's Ukulele Disco. From there, it went onto YouTube where it became a viral hit. People are amazed by Jake's ability to recreate all the instruments from the original on just the four strings of the ukulele. It's a incredible display of dexterity and musicality.

Cliff 'Ukulele Ike' Edwards - Singing in the Rain Cliff Edwards was most famous for being the voice of Jiminy Cricket in the Walt Disney films. But in his person of Ukulele Ike he was also the most famous ukulele player of the day. his style, hats, and unconventional scat singing style are also still associated with the ukulele and used by many players of the style. His version of Singing in the Rain is a classic piece of ukulele music.

Andy Eastwood - William Tell Overture Andy Eastwood is a British ukulele player. Like many British ukulele players, he uses a banjolele which is a cross between a banjo and a ukulele. Amazingly, he manages to recreate the entire orchestral arrangement of the William Tell Overture to create one of the most amazing pieces of ukulele music you will ever hear. Lyle Ritz - Tonight You Belong to Me Tonight, You Belong to Me became famous as a piece of ukulele music when it appeared in the film The Jerk being performed by Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters. Although Steve Martin is shown playing the ukulele in the film (and he does play the ukulele in real life) the ukulele playing itself is provided by legendary jazz bassist and ukulele player Lyle Ritz.

Find out more about ukulele music at Ukulele Hunt. And learn how to buy a ukulele and Makala ukulele. By Sierra Hellemans.


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