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Video Production Finding the Right Production Company

You know what you want, but where do you find it? The hunt for a production company requires the knowledge of where to look; however, the hunt for a great production company involves much more consideration. Disregard your phonebook and go straight to the World Wide Web. Through the continual growth of online resources, you might be able to conduct your entire search at a desk.

All reputable production companies have homepages with easily accessible information and demo material. Reputation is an important track to follow. A first-hand client testimonial can tell you a lot about general rapport, professionalism, the overall process and the final outcome. You may discover that a famed production company really does not provide the quality of a smaller, lesser known one.

While personal referrals are often the most helpful, keep in mind how knowledgeable your source is. Use the opportunity to inquire about the experience and view the final product. If any element of the video appeals to you, find out the origins behind it.

The animation might be unusually impressive, the soundtrack undeniably gripping or the editing seamlessly suspenseful, so ask for names. Has the production company been recognized and acclaimed by fellow filmmakers? Websites usually devote a space to brandish any honors. Regional and national awards showcase superior work. Prominent competitions include the Emmys, the Accolades, The Videographer awards, the New York Festivals, the International Film and Video Festivals and the Telly Awards. While all awards are noteworthy, some signify more than others.

Be aware of how each award is determined. For example, an Emmy honors work that excels beyond all other competition, while a Telly is awarded to any work that meets set standards. Depending on your budget, location may or may not be a factor in who you choose to hire.

Travel fees, including gasoline and lodging fees, will ultimately be charged back to your account. The convenience of a production company down the street will hardly matter if your project requires them to shoot on-location in another country. The production company will provide the crew for your video. The crew for a simple video will include a producer, camera operator and a sound technician.

For small projects, the producer can double as director; for the simplest projects, the producer may be a single cameraman. Including on-camera talent includes a larger crew consisting of a production assistant, lighting directors, make-up artists, wardrobe assistants and more. A turnkey production company, which offers all pre-production to post-production services in-house, is often the most cost-effective option for video projects.

Production companies typically own the necessary production resources and do not need to hire or rent from other vendors. When choosing between companies, compare each based on their answers to the following questions: What type of productions do you specialize in? Do you have experience in the type of product I'm planning to create? What will I need to contribute to the project? Also, view a variety of their sample reels. Often these can be located on the company's website as well as on DVD.

The production company may need to schedule and coordinate different phases of the project with you or someone else from your company. Share your vision with the production company during your initial meeting. Good producers are experts in the technical aspects of production, but great producers are also passionate about the projects.

Film and video are ever-present in our culture, breeding sophisticated audiences with high expectations. In the end, your audience must focus on your message rather than on the method in which it is communicated; its purpose cannot be lost in or distracted by its form. The current price of video production tools allows almost anyone to produce, edit and broadcast, so be meticulous in your decision.

A professional production company has the expertise to convey your message through media, not in spite of it.

Metro Productions is a full-service video and multimedia production company headquartered in Virginia. Metro Productions provides clients with the ability to realize the benefits of high-end visual media products for the purpose of sales, marketing, recruitment and training. Delivery mediums for these productions include DVD, streaming media and broadcast quality High Definition applications. http://www.metro-productions.com


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