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What To Look For In A Camping Knife

When planning for a trip into the woods, there are many accessories that can make an adventure easier to enjoy. As you pack up the tent, gather snacks, food and drink, certain survival resources and tools will come in handy depending on the types of activities you wish to enjoy while roughing it in the wild. Sometimes overlooked during the packing of supplies, a camping knife allows individuals to perform a variety of tasks that range from survival to food preparation. Many considering the purchase of a camping knife should consider the following factors: Type of Knife There are two basic types of knife blades that a camper may choose to bring along: fixed or folding. Knives with a fixed blade are made from one solid piece of steel that is anchored to a handle.

They come ready to use with a high level of durability and dependability. This type of knife works well to clean, skin or bone fish and also becomes of use when a campsite needs clearing of brush. A fixed knife also accompanies minor medical emergencies. A folding blade is often referred to as a pocket knife and does not possess the same durability, but is convenient nonetheless. Some pocket knifes provide a camper with multiple blades, as well as additional contraptions, such as a variety of tools. A folding knife allows campers to complete woodworking projects, hunt, hike, perform first aid, and assist numerous camping tasks.

The versatility and usefulness of a folding blade is also extended by its small, flexible, lightweight nature. Purpose During a camping trip, there are several different tasks that may arise. Whether it is preparing the fish you caught for dinner or opening a lukewarm beer, a camping knife can make life easier. For those seeking a multi-purpose knife for camping, they may want to side with a Swiss Army knife, which offers many different attached tools, such as scissors, locking Phillips screwdriver, universal hex wrench, tweezers, a corkscrew, and a bottle opener. For those looking for a study tool possessing a wealth of strength, a fixed camping knife should be selected. Blade Length To complete some of the most common camping tasks, a blade that measures 10 to 20 centimeters (or 4-8 inches) is often used.

Sometimes a smaller blade will accommodate a camper in most of their situations. Blade Thickness Depending on the length of the knife, most camping selections offer a blade thickness of 3 to 6 millimeters (1/8 to 1/4 inch). Blade Style (Material) There are many different materials from which a blade is constructed from that can offer a wide-range of capabilities. Non-stainless blades are fashioned from carbon and alloy steels and offer a high level of toughness, but shows weakness towards rust. When two or more metals are used for the creation of a blade, it is called a Damascus.

Although brittle, non-steels ceramic blades are non-corrosive. Titanium blades are also non-corrosive, as well as lighter than steel.

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