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Wii Fit i like it

I have had my wii fit board since the launch day in the UK and I am still happy with it, as for whether I am any fitter or any of my family, I dont think so, but I must say we are all better at balancing than we were before. Some of the activities are very strenuous especially the hula hoop and the heading game. My personal favourite is the skiing game, although I must admit at first I was having all sorts of problems with it until I realised my son had turned the board round when I wasn't looking so everything I was doing was opposite. What we do now is actually turn the board round just for fun, give it ago yourself and see how funny it can be.

On the personal stats like weight and BMI I cant really say I have seen any change, so as for making us fitter the jury is still out. I said before our balancing is far better especially getting those balls through the holes on the boards. The only embarrasing thing we have found is when the females of the family get on and set up they don't want us to look at the weigh and especially when they do a check from a previous sessions. I have found that it can be tempermental on the bmi and wii fit ages are sometimes way out from previous sessions.

After the first few days my legs and arms did start to ache a bit, I think that was more to do with the amount of exercise not the intencity. We have only briefly looked at the Yoga and exercise activities as we like the balancing games most. The runniing is ok especially if you run against someone, the only problem I have is trying to stay in one place when running on the spot, I find myself almost in the TV screen.

I have unlocked the longer run now and its ok but to be honest I would rather run outside than on the spot. I find the wii fit board is best when there are a lot of you as watching others trying to balance is quite funny, especially when someone new tries. I set up a video camera behind the board and I have to say the results are hilarious, I have to say this is almost as entertaining as using the wii itself. I have been keeping an eye on Ebay and I am still amazed people are paying over the odds for the wii fit board, as my local Woolworths is always stocked up with them, so when I see bids over 100 I wonder whether some people every leave their houses!! So if you havent got one yet by all means buy one off Ebay or Amazon but check your local store first as you might find they are sitting there waiting for you. So to sum up my first month of using the wii fit board I would say great fun, best used with others, but as for loosing weight on a serious basis, don't give up on conventional methods.

I will update again in another month or so. Good Luck.

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