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Word Slinger Finally A Game For Lousy Spellers

Word Slinger has come to the rescue of all us wretched spellers who'd like to play a crossword type game. Word games are recommended for play to keep the mind lert. But crosswords can be very discouraging for a poor spellers. Finding Word Slinger as a substitute for crosswords is encouraging. It is a simple yet adult game with a grid design similar to a crossword grid.

There are increasingly difficult levels which keep the interest level high. Each level has a list of words to try out in the grid. At first you are given two free spots to put any word from the list. Then later there is only one free spot per level. Each word added to the grid must be connected to another word on the grid.

There are certain spaces on the grid that add rewards if you are able to place a word on them. You can get credit for 2 or 3 additional words as one reward in Word Slinger. You can get double point scores on an added word.

Or you may get the chance to discard another word from the list. The words put into Word Slinger are already present in a list of words. Each level requires more words to be added. The word list rotates older words at the top of the game out and adds new words to the bottom of the list. Here's a tip to add words in Word Slinger. Try to use words in the list that either start or end with the letter s.

These words containing s can usually be added to words already on the grid to make a plural of that word as well as adding a new word to the grid. Another tip is to take smaller words from the list such as the word "ail" and add it to a s in another word to form the new word "sail". If you are really stuck and don't think you are going to make that level word requirement, then use the hints.

Each level gives you free 3 hints that will show you where a word from the list can be placed. You can also save these hints and take them on to the next level. Or you can use discards to delete words from the list and get new words added. Word Slinger also has a nice feature which allows you to go to any level of play to start your game.

No need to play through boring easy levels to get to the level you prefer. Research shows that boomers need to exercise their brains with games such as Word Slinger. It's fun, challenging and worth a look. You can try it free to see if it is a game you want add to your game collection.

Bob Simmons is a baby boomer who loves online games. His blog focuses on reviews of great games for boomers and tips for free game trials. His blog is at http://www.games-for-boomers.com


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